Project deliverables


This deliverable includes an outline of the Conceptual and Demo roadmap developed for NAIAD. This deliverable was included after the final version of proposal that was submitted to incorporate important and relevant suggestions from the evaluation. This document will provide the basis that will continue to be worked on throughout the project´s duration to provide a clear roadmap that facilitates conceptual coherence, practical implementation and integration of the different elements that make up NAIAD.


NAIAD has used Earth Observation (EO) data to map hazard potential for flood, inundation, drought, soil erosion and landslides at the European scale for cities and their hazard-sheds (areas contributing to hydrological hazards), and in more detail for tree demo basins case study areas: Thames basin in the UK, Brague basin and surrounding watersheds on the French Mediterranean coast and the Lower Danube basin in Romania. Relative hazard potential and greatest hazard potential at the European scale and for the demo basins was mapped using the Co$ting Nature Policy Support System which will be the basis for the Eco: actuary system that is to be developed in the NAIAD project. For each demo basin, a separate analysis was done on identifying the key potential hazards and characteristics and (spatial) data availability that can potentially be used in the Eco: actuary system. Furthermore, an investigation of relevant hazards and recent trends for specific hazards in specific basins was carried out through an extensive literature review.


The NAIAD Communication and Dissemination Plan (CDP), includes concepts about research results uptake and defines WHO the target stakeholders are, HOW we will engage with them, WHAT we want to communicate and build capacity in and by WHICH methods and communication channels. The strategy defines communication and uptake activities to attract, inform and mobilize relevant stakeholders, not only to be informed about the project but also to mainstream its results and increase inclusion of relevant results to individual stakeholders’ daily operations. The elaboration of the operational CDP is done in collaboration with all consortium members and in accordance with EC guidelines for “Communicating Research and Innovation”. Monitoring and evaluation of performance of the activities will be done at regular intervals. CDP is a live document and will be revised, updated and upgraded twice, during NAIAD project implementation. By allowing for upgrade of the CDP, project NAIAD will better address feedback from the public and stakeholder engagement and also pay close attention to changing environment (policy changes, opportunities/challenges arising at local level in connection with pilot cases implementation) and try to make use of it by upgrade of the communication activities.