Nature Based Solutions

Available information:

  • Ongoing and finished projects, elaborating NBS in different contexts
  • Information on EU funding on the topic of NBS
  • Latest news from events, conferences, projects dealing with NBS
  • Links to other relevant pages and information sources on NBS

Available information:

  • Initiatives, project and publications on IUCN work on NBS at a global level
  • Links to other relevant literature, pages and information on NBS success stories and perspectives

This a comprehensive site dedicated to concepts of Natural Capital, Ecosystem Services and Nature Based Solution. OPPLA has grown an complex community of experts on, on the above topic, whom you can consult or even engage in solving of a specific issue on the topics.

OpenNESS aims to translate the concepts of Natural Capital (NC) and Ecosystem Services (ES) into operational frameworks that provide tested, practical and tailored solutions for integrating ES into land, water and urban management and decision-making.