France - La Brague


The mountains located near the French Mediterranean coast are regularly subject to severe rainfalls, and consequently to torrential floods. On 3rd, Oct. 2015, a dramatic flood occurred in the region between Cannes and Nice (twenty peoples died, 550-650M€ of losses). Three rivers experience particularly dramatic floods in 2015:
-The Riou de l’Argentière (47 km², mountainous basin),
-The Frayères (22 km², rural headwaters, urban lowlands),
-The Brague (68 km², rural and forested basin, urban lowlands).
The latter has been chosen as DEMO site for its bigger size, greater diversity and more numerous data.

Nature Based Solutions

  1. Optimized forest management with adapted protection structures are assumed to improve torrential flood mitigation.
  2. Both population and economy benefit from them.
  3. Natural Assurance Scheme are to be defined

Key Stakeholders

-Local cities and rivers managers (Water Agency) -> Final users
-Local administration and decision makers -> decision power
-Environment protection association -> natural areas’ manager
-Insurance companies and CCR -> Insurance business managers

Main Outcomes Sought

-Improved knowledge on torrential flood processes (wildfires and woody debris aggravation roles, etc.). -Definition of alternative insurance business models and new multi-criteria decision making tools accounting for ecosystems and protection systems effectiveness.

Methods and data to be used

-Hazard mapping (historical analysis, deterministic approaches and expert assessments)
-Damage mapping (CCR damage database, improved vulnerability curves, new hazard maps)
-Multicriteria decision making methods (decision context, improved method to account for NBS)


The task group working on the Brague gathers hydrologist, engineers, economists and insurance experts. We hope to set up a complete chain of analysis to accurately and rigorously assess the insurance value of ecosystems.

Partner participating

IRSTEA (TORRENTIAL FLOOD PROCESSES): Review on forest influences on hydrology , woody debris and sediment supply Hazard maps method definition (numerical modeling and expert assessment) Methods to assess and propagate information imperfection (imprecision, uncertainties) Assessment of the existing insurance systems in all Europe.
UNS IMREDD (NATURE VALUE ASSESSMENT ): Review of relevant ecosystem service valuation techniques Monetary assessment of damage mitigation due to ecosystems (cost-benefit analysis) Assessment of needed socio-economic and institutional change supporting NBS Co-construction of insurance schemes supporting NBS.
CCR (DAMAGE AND INSURANCE BUISNESS MODEL): Modelling of damages (residential, industrial, agricultural), Nat Cat data analysis Damage mapping Alternative insurance business model research.


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