Romania - Lower Danube


The main goal is to create an efficient network of stakeholders trained to apply the methods and scenarios identified in the project, in order to promote sustainable development for extreme events mitigation by using the ecosystems services, ecological (re)construction and green solutions.

Nature Based Solutions

  1. A range of biological, ecological, forest and water bodies green management solutions;
  2. The goal of these activities will focus on developing green solutions for natural hazards prevention after a collective stakeholder identification of the problems;
  3. As an example: the continuos durable development of a green Danube while ensuring a safe and continuous navigation on the Danube river.

Key Stakeholders

Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Waters and Forests
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
National Administration Romanian Waters
General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations
National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies
Lower Danube River Administration

Local authorities & NGOs 

Local authorities & NGOs 

Main Outcomes Sought

Developing green solutions for flood prevention; identify the best solutions for solving the numerous navigation problems on this sector of the Danube; develop innovative solutions
in order to provide water for consumption, and green solutions for preventing the intensification of extreme events like drought and desertification.

Methods and data to be used

Biophysical, social and economic models developed by the project will be tested in the local conditions aiming at providing valuable tools for decision making for using nature based solutions for water related risk mitigation in the target region as well as disseminate best practices to governmental authorities and local stakeholders.


Currently the Romanian insurance sector provides limited coverage on this topic. Most of the main actors are subsidiaries of larger international companies that adapted to the market specifics with a range of products offered that covers mainly the private property domain and some natural hazard risks (flooding, earthquakes, etc.). New business models will be sought to stimulate inter sectorial cooperation and diversification of risk reduction measures implemented at local and national levels.

Partner participating

Partner 1 (and demo role): The main role of GeoEcoMar is to create and manage a good relationship between the targeted stakeholders in the demo site. The good communication and a transparent decision making forum is to be obtained, after a mutual agreement on the existing problems, by all interested parties.

Partner 2 (and demo role): BDG is focused on devising a business plan for the identified solutions and a financial response to all the group necessities. By the use of a transparent infrastructure and a good flow of communication between the stakeholders, considering the aim for green solutions, a very cost efficient scenario is to be obtained.